Saturday, August 11, 2007

On vacation

I'll be on a vacation now. I'll take quite a few books with me. Probably way more than I can read, but anyways...

Since I'll be offline, I won't be able to approve new comments, so please bear with me. Also, once I'm back I'll have quite a few new reviews for you!

The books I'll take are:

Kathy Reichs: Déjà Dead
Margaret Atwood: Cat's Eye
Theodor Fontane: Frau Jenny Treibel
Stephanie Barron: Jane and the Man Of Cloth
Robert Fate: Baby Shark
Carolyn Haines: Crossed Bones
Laura Childs: The Jasmine Moon Murder
Susan Conant & Jessica Conant-Park: Steamed
Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights
a Harlan Coben (I forgot the title, it's the one where this guy made a mistake and 20 years late, life changed and everything, he becomes suspect in a murder)
a Stephen Booth (first in series, I think, if I'm right it should be Black Dog - have this one in German and am not sure about the English title, only know the German one)

See you all once I'm back - and if you have a comment on the books I'll take along, feel free to post. I'll update ASAP!


  1. Will be interested to see what you thinks of Black Dog - it is the first in a series - and they just keep getting better

  2. I'm just getting started on Wuthering Heights too; I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

  3. I keep hearing good things about Kathy Reichs: Déjà Dead at I haven't read anything by this author yet, but need to give her a try.