Monday, November 6, 2006

Truffled Feathers

Nancy Fairbanks – Truffled Feathers [2nd Caorolyn & Jason Blue]; 272 pages (A-)

Carolyn and Jason Blue are in New York for some business meetings. Jason is supposed to meet some people from a company who are interested in hiring him as a consultant and Carolyn is supposed to meet her agent and her excentric editor for "Eating Out In The Big Easy", a cook book she researched for in the first book. Right after they arrived in NY, their chauffeur informs them that the man Jason originally came to meet died that very day. The two find out that he was stabbed in a deli over a pastrami sandwich, which he had always at the same time. Jason at first doesn't tell his wife that he suspects murder (intent on Max, the victim) and tries to find out what is actually going on by himself while Carolyn meets with her agent who is absolutely not interested in her writer's block due to the ongoings in New Orleans.

I enjoyed the book a lot. It was funny, delicious, full of suspense and I just can’t get enough of Carolyn and Jason. I’m glad I already have the third book on my shelves and hope to have the time to read it soon :-)


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