Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gilt By Association

Tamar Myers - Gilt By Association [2nd Den of Antiquity]; 248 pages (B+)

When Abigail Timberlake buys some antiques for a client, little does she know a body comes with one of the pieces, an armoire from the time of Louis XV. Of course, the police close down her shop to the public as it is considered a crime scene – despite it being the busiest shopping season of the year. Naturally, Abigail tries to speed up the investigation by doing a little research of her own.

I enjoyed the book, but some parts were rather slow. I can't tell why exactly, even though it's been quite a while now since I finished the book. Despite the slow parts I still enjoyed the book and can't wait to read the third in series, which is already waiting for me on my shelf already :-) I'd always recommend this series to those who are interested in antiques, cozy mysteries and good characters.

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