Monday, September 11, 2006

Fall Into Reading Challenge

I just discovered the Fall Into Reading Challenge while reading this blog. It seems like a wonderful way to read some more books off of my Mt. TBR. As you might remember, it is rather huge (96 books including my five current reads).
As the next semester will start on Oct 9, I won't be able to read much then, but I think I should be able to read 3 books a month, maybe even 4.

So let's say I'll read 3 books a month, that would be 9 books within 3 months. As I might always be lucky to read a little more I'll add some as extra credit. And don't forget the bookrings I will get within the next months!

want to's:

Victoria Laurie: Killer Insight
Alice Kimberly: The Ghost and the Dead Man’s Library
Maria Beaumont: Mis(s)Fit
Ann Brashares: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
L’Ombre Sur Montparnasse

Sue Grafton: C is for Corpse
Cameron West: First Person Plural

Nancy Fairbanks: Truffled Feathers
Laurell K. Hamilton: The Laughing Corpse
Nancy Atherton
: Aunt Dimity and the Good Deed
Jayne Anne Krentz:
Hidden Talents
Joanne Fluke
: Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

extra credit:

Azar Nafisi
: Reading Lolita in Tehran
Tamar Myers: Gilt by Association
Jeanne Ray: Julie and Romeo
Meryl Sawyer: Lady Killer

We'll see whether this will change within the next week...

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  1. Kathrin - Thank you so much for spreading the word about the Fall Into Reading Challenge!

    I'm a big mystery reader, too. I love Joanne Fluke's books, and the Aunt Dimity series. I've also enjoyed some of Tamar Myers' and Sue Grafton's.

    I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's lists - I think it will be great to see all the variety!