Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fall Into Reading Challenge update

I've finished the first book for the Fall Into Reading Challenge (btw, I've decided to use the abbreviation starting today, it is far too long ;-) ), so it is time to give you an update.

I finished Victoria Laurie's Killer Insight last weekend already, but I didn't find the time to post about it, unfortunately.

This fourth, and so far latest installment, in Victoria Laurie's Abby Cooper series
Abby works as a professional psychic, but she sure didn't see that coming! Short after Dutch wants "some space to concentrate on his current job", a friend from Denver, Colorado, calls and asks Abby to come early and be her bridesmaid because one of the other bridesmaids ran off to her ex-boyfriend's new place in California. Not long after that, Abby discovers, that the missing bridesmaid didn't run off, but is dead. When one bridesmaid after the other disappears, Abby has to hurry up a little to find the murderer, before it is her turn to die.
This was one shocking from the very beginning. Who would've thought Abby and Dutch were going to break up? And then there's the bridesmaids killer as well. The fourth installment may not be the absolutely best in series, but I really enjoyed it a lot and it is sad that I finished it that fast. If you like a wonderful, hilarious, a little paranormal cozy series, you should definitely try that one!

Here's the list of books that are left on my FIRC list:

want to's:

Alice Kimberly: The Ghost and The Dead Man's Library
Maria Beaumont: Mis(s)fit
L'Ombre Sur Montparnasse
Sue Grafton: C is for Corpse
Cameron West: First Person Plural
Nancy Fairbanks: Truffled Feathers
Laurell K. Hamilton: The Laughing Corpse
Nancy Atherton: Aunt Dimity and The Good Deed

extra credit:

Azar Nafisi: Reading Lolita In Tehran
Tamar Myers: Gilt By Association
Jeanne Ray: Julie and Romeo
Meryl Sawyer: Lady Killer

Right now, I am reading Alice Kimberly's The Ghost and The Dead Man's Library. So far it is really good and I hope to be able to finish it before the weekend.

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