Wednesday, January 23, 2008

#8 The Spaniard's Pregnancy Proposal

Number: 8
Title: The Spaniard's Pregnancy Proposal
Author: Kim Lawrence
Finished: 01/15/08
Pages: 156
Genre: romance

Language: German

Where The Book Came From: from Grandma

First Sentence: Fleur Stewart listened to the morningly bird twitter, before opening her eyes.

Cover Blurb: Antonio's surprisingly sensual birthday kiss burns so hot, it takes Fleur's breath away. But she tries with all her power to supress her feelings for the charismatic Spanish billionair. A man like him - darling of the yellow press and famous playboy - certainly isn't the right one for a simple teacher like her. But what are the best intentions for against the all-consuming fire of passion? Without wanting it, she is drawn more and more towards Antonio...

Additional comment: For some reason those cover blurbs get worse and worse *sigh*

Rating: B

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