Thursday, December 27, 2007

UPDATED - challenges for 2007 and 2008

Since my life is quite hectic and I don't even get to read much right now, I've decided to leave all challenges until December. Then I'll make a fresh start with a clean slate and no worries about the past. And with definitely much less challenges! LOL

I came to the conclusion, that I'll do my own Series Challenge, the Book A Week Challenge with the Yahoo Group, once again the TBR Challenge, and the YA Challenge.

My challenge book lists are:

for the Series Challenge
Laura Childs' Tea Shop mysteries (#6 Chamomile Mourning to end) (3)
Carolyn Haines' Sarah Booth Delaney mysteries (#4 Crossed Bones to end) (4)
Tohko Mizuno: In A Distant Time (#5 to end) (3)
Arina Tanemura: Shinshi Doumei Cross (#4 to end) (4)
Arina Tanemura: Full Moon Wo Sagashite (#3 to end) (5)
-> 19 books

for the TBR 2008 Challenge
Leslie Meier: Mistletoe Murder (since Feb 07)
Charlotte MacLeod: The Family Vault (since Apr 07)
Charlotte MacLeod: The Withdrawing Room (since Apr 07)
Jodi Picoult: The Tenth Circle (since May 07)
Agatha Christie: Lord Edgware Dies (since I don't know when - oops!)
Agatha Christie: Peril At End House (since I don't know when - oops!)
Rebecca Moesta & Kevin J. Anderson: Island Realm (since June 07)
Laura Childs: Chamomile Mourning (since June 07)
Carolyn Haines: Crossed Bones (since May 07)
Stephenie Meyer: Twilight
Richard Montanari: The Rosary Girls
Kathryn Lilley: Dying To Be Thin (on wishlist since I first heard about it)

Audrey Niffenegger: The Time Traveler’s Wife (since 2006)
Harlan Coben: No Second Chance (since July 07; on wishlist since 2006)
Heinrich von Kleist: Die Familie Schroffenstein (since April 07)
William Shakespeare: Macbeth (since April 07)
Lee Harris: The Valentine’s Day Murder (since February 07)
Elaine Viets: Dying In Style (since 2006)
Charlotte MacLeod: The Palace Guard (since Apr 07)
P.B. Kerr: Children of the Lamp - The Ashkenaten Adventures (since mid-2007)
Enid Blyton: The Naughtiest Girl Vol.3 & 4 (since May 07)
Carolyn Haines: Hallowed Bones (since May 07)
Shirley Damsgaard: Charmed To Death (since early 07)
Thomas D. Cyrol: Baseball (since Feb 07)

for the YA Challenge
Rebecca Moesta & Kevin J. Anderson: Island Realm
Stephenie Meyer: Twilight
Enid Blyton: The Naughtiest Girl Vol.3 & 4
Ann Brashares: The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants
Hergé: Les Aventures de Tintin - Les Cigares Du Pharaon (Cigars of the Pharaoh)
P.B. Kerr: Children of the Lamp - The Ashkenaten Adventures
Mari Mancusi: Boys That Bite
Donita K. Paul: Dragonknight
Meg Cabot: The Princess Diaries 8
Arina Tanemura: Full Moon Wo Sagashite #3-4
Arina Tanemura: Full Moon Wo Sagashite #5-6
Gosho Aoyama: Detective Conan #5-6

Due to the fact that I didn't even manage to read the first in the Twilight series, I decided to skip this series for now and instead added 3 manga series to make up for it.


  1. Welcome to the YA Challenge Kathrin! I have New Moon on my list, too. I hope you enjoy all your choices. Happy Reading!

  2. The holidays are a crazy time for people. For me though, it's when I get most of my reading done! :)

  3. I'm still planning on joining your series challenge, finishing grafton's alphabet series.

  4. Thanks, Joy! I can't wait to read some more YA :-)

    Kaye, I think you're right. I also read quite a bit more during holidays than other days...

    nyssaneala, it would be great if you joined in!