Monday, May 28, 2007

Argh! May reads all together!

Okay, since I completely forgot to post my May reads so far, I decided to post the two books I read (embarrassing as it is, I really only read 2 books so far this month).

Lope de Vega: Fuente Ovejuna (A-)
This was a Spanish drama I read for class, and I really don't understand why this is not exactly well-known.
The story is set in ancient Spain, around 1611/1612. The citizens of Fuente Ovejuna suffer under the Commander, who ruled rather random and took what he wanted, until the citizens decided to do something about it actively.

Carolyn Haines: Buried Bones; 354 pages (A-)
When Sarah Booth Delaney gets an invite to Lawrence Ambrose's dinner party, she of course has to get there. At the party, Lawrence, once a famous author, announces that he is planning a comeback with an autobiography, a tell-all written with the help of former model Brianna Rathbone. When he explains that he will reveal Zinnia's darkest secrets, it becomes obvious that everyone there has a secret of some sorts - and wants Ambrose to keep it. When Lawrence Ambrose is found dead everyone is a suspect, and Madame, one of Lawrence's friends, hires Sarah Booth to solve the murder.

I loved this mystery a lot. It took me ages to read it, but it was totally worth my time. If I hadn't been so busy with university, I would have finished it a lot earlier. This second in series holds the promises the first made. The characters are well developed and we find out more about them. I can only recommend this series :-)

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